Garrett Low

Garrett Low

Atlanta-based artist Garrett Low draws inspiration from the exhilarating frontier of uncertainty, utilizing abstract art as a medium to explore new territories. Using acrylic on canvas, Low skillfully crafts captivating artworks that showcase dynamic texture and depth. His works have garnered widespread recognition, with his pieces being prominently exhibited and sought-after across the United States.


Having established connections with influential designers and being featured in Rue Magazine, Garrett Low's artistic journey showcases a notable presence within the industry. Recognizing the quality and appeal of Low's artwork, Portia de Rossi, the owner and CEO of General Public Art, a renowned company specializing in producing printed paintings for mass distribution, acknowledged the exceptional quality and appeal of Low's artwork. Consequently, several of his paintings were meticulously scanned and reproduced using cutting-edge 3D printing technology. These reproductions, which faithfully capture the essence of the original artworks, are now exclusively available for purchase through CB2.

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