B u c k h e a d  A r t  &  C o m p a n y 
 Tuesday - Sunday | 12pm - 5pm 


walk-through available by appointment

contact: events@buckheadart.company  


R E T U R N  P O L I C Y

All sales are final and non-refundable. Buckhead Art & Company notifies their artists after a sale has been made. The no-refund policy is put into place out of respect for the artists we represent. Clients are encouraged to first take paintings on approval before making a final decision to purchase. 


Buckhead Art & Company wants their clients to see the work within their own space before making a final decision. A $500 service fee is required for transportation and delivery. When the client makes their final purchase, the $500 service fee is applied to the overall total of the purchased pieces. The client is responsible for any damage incurred during the approval period. For approvals, we require that a credit card is on file before the artwork is released. 



R E - S E L L I N G  A R T W O R K
Buckhead Art & Company has a consignment agreement with the artists they represent. The gallery is not equipped to take outside inventory for re-sale. 



A R T  C O M I S S I O N S

Buckhead Art & Company artists are open to commissioning custom pieces within their style of work. Please reach out to the BAC team to inquire about an artist's commission availability and rates.





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